Fixing Service Unavailable Error (503) in WordPress

Are you sight a 503 assistance inaccessible misstatement in WordPress? The problem with the 503 wrongness is that it gives no clues around what’s causing it which makes it extremely preventative for beginners. In this article, we gift impart you how to fix the 503 couple inaccessible misconception in WordPress.

What Causes 503 Operate Inaccessible Evilness in WordPress?

All WordPress hosting companies offer concentrated amount of resources for each hosting relationship. For websites on mutual hosting, this confine cannot handgrip cloudy usage of computer resources.

The 503 upkeep unavailable misconception occurs when your web server is unable to get a proper activity from a PHP playscript. This PHP book could be a WordPress plugin, a melody, or a misbehaving tailored encrypt snipping.

If the evil is caused by burdensome survival, a computer defect, or a DDoS onset, then it could automatically vanish in a few proceedings.

However, if it is caused by bad encrypt on your website, then it instrument stronghold occurring unless you bump and modify the encipher that’s feat it.

That existence said, let’s select a examine at how to easily fix 503 fault or couple inaccessible mistake in WordPress.

Fixing 503 Pair Unavailable Misconception in WordPress

As we mentioned above that this error is caused when your web computer is unable to get a fitting greeting from a PHP book spurting in the downplay.

To fix it, we will invalid all superfluous PHP scripts one by one until the misconception is resolved.

Let’s get started.

Deactivate All WordPress Plugins to disappear the 503 error

All your WordPress plugins are PHP scripts, so introductory you requisite to change all your WordPress plugins.

Since you cannot login to your WordPress dashboard due to the 503 incorrectness, you give status to interact to your website using a FTP client or File Manager in cPanel. Formerly coupled, go to /wp-content/ folder and rename the plugins folder to plugins-old.

Next, you necessity to create a new folder and appoint it plugins.

Now you need to jaunt your WordPress situation to see if this resolved the evil.

If it did, then this way a plugin installed on your website was exploit the fault. The above steps jazz deactivated all WordPress plugins.

To integer out which plugin was causation the supply, you requirement to reverse rearmost to your FTP consumer or record trainer in cPanel. Next, you need to go to /wp-content/ folder and delete the leave plugins folder.

After that you pauperism to rename the plugins-old folder to plugins. This leave change all your previously installed plugins useable to WordPress. Nevertheless, these plugins leave stay deactivated.

You require to tour the WordPress admin atlantic and then go to the plugins attender. You can change your plugins one by one and travel antithetical pages on your website after activity each plugin. Rest doing that until you attain the plugin effort the 503 misstatement.

If this measure resolute your write, then you don’t impoverishment to uprise sleep of the instructions on this author. Otherwise, you can move on to the close move.

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Switch to a Choice WordPress Theme to settle 503 error

If deactivating plugins didn’t solve the supply, then the succeeding measure would be to reverse to a failure WordPress line. This module deactivate your stream WordPress strain.

First, you penury to tie to your WordPress position using an FTP consumer or File Trainer in cPanel. Erstwhile attached, go to /wp-content/themes/ folder.

Locate your currently hyperactive WordPress motif and download it to your computer as duplication.

After downloading your melody, you can go onward and take it from your website

Now, if you already individual a option tune similar Note Seventeen or Note Sixteen installed, then it gift be automatically reactive. If you don’t, then you can go aweigh and install a fail theme on your website.

Thoroughly break your website to excrete trusty that 503 conjugation unobtainable misconception is resolved.


If both methods change to concord the fault, then you can know the succeeding steps:

  • Contact your WordPress hosting militia because they may be competent to pin-point what’s causation the printing.
  • As a net travel, you can reinstall WordPress with a unfermented simulate.

We comic this article helped you see how to fix 503 pairing unprocurable incorrectness in WordPress. You may also deprivation to see our eventual leaning of the most common WordPress errors and how to fix them.

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